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A Quiet Place: Part II Discussion


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For those who don't know, there's a spoilers icon right after the Emoji icon. 


Example of spoiler! Enjoy the film!


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Alright, here we go!! I'm gonna start off my little spoiler-free review by saying that some news outlet said that this movie was "the experience movie theaters were made for," and I was kinda skeptical about this, but I was soooo wrong. Since the film is all about having to be quiet and basically make no noise, watching this movie in theaters (following COVID-19 safety protocols, of course) was genuinely so fun, and really really thrilling. Every sound is magnified and heightened, and it makes the experience 10 times more exciting than watching at home or on your phone. About the plot, I thought it was a really strong follow-up to the first film, and there was a lot more action, story line, and twists and turns in this one, which made for more of an edge-of-your-seat experience. The direction was effortless, the score had really great accompaniment, the acting was strong, super believable, and held up the plot quite nicely. Overall, I definitely recommend watching this film in theaters if you can - it's a really fun watch, also stressful but in the classic, exciting horror/thriller kind of way, and just great to enjoy with your family or friends!!

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