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Is Your Mental Health Impacted By The Time Of Year?

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54 minutes ago, Gagas_artpoptech said:

Don't we all have this disorder? I feel like everyone can be affected by a season

The sun makes me tired for some reason it makes me more tired then to be in the snow tbh

Why what's wrong 🥺?

I hear a lot of people get depressed during winter. Maybe because there's not much sun? For me its the othe rway around I get depressed and pissed when there is sun because I prefer cold weather

This will all be over soon🥺❤❤. Just be patient and try to wear a mask and not break the rules so we all can live in a normal world again❤feel better soon

It will be over soon🥺❤dont lose hope soon you'll be able to go find a job and go out with friends❤❤be patient and stay kind

I find a job but we can’t go out with friends in Turkey now ı miss my friends...


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I have everything 💀 not kidding.  Depression started since 2010 and anxiety for a couple of years now. I’m a only child and that’s horrible if you are gay. My parents want grandchildren and I don’t, they don’t accept my homosexuality. I don’t want to get married as well. I don’t believe in love.    Now I’m working on my self esteem because that has never existed in my life. It’s hard, but not impossible. If you are dealing with depression or anxiety, you are not alone, you are brave. An

Me neither,  and trust me for a woman it's a lot worst. The pressure to get married and have kids is awful.  But I'm a lesbian so I dont care lol Yes everybody can, it's just harder for some people.  But it has to be  a real choice. 

Well, gays can be parents too. And they have raised children. 

5 minutes ago, godofchromatica said:

I find a job but we can’t go out with friends in Turkey now ı miss my friends...

Omg im happy to hear you have found one!! And I'm sorry 🥺everything will be normal soon you can see your friends whenever you want after it's normal again🥺

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On 2/1/2021 at 5:24 PM, Adeline said:

That's the right thing to do for me too. I dont watch the news,  I have enough information with people talking about it constantly. Its actually annoying because it's too much negativity 

yes i agree, we need to try focus on the positive things

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