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The Lady Gaga Now MEGA Giveaway.

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5 hours ago, Leography said:

I litterally own everything on that pic (except the poster that I didn't want) so I won't enter this, but DAMN this is incredible! You'll make some fans really happy!



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1 minute ago, Lady Gaga ass said:

i have almost nothing from this picture. i swear if matt bestie doesn’t give me somethings from here and ignores me like he did when i wanted the voce viva perfume....


he's gonna ignore you wbk

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8 hours ago, Matt said:

Coming later this week, stay tuned.


Chromatica boxset here I come!!! 👀❤️

You’re going to be mine!!!

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Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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1 hour ago, Sechito said:

@Mattwill there ever be more giveaways like this?

Gosh let me finish this one first hahah

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