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Chromatica Video Game Concept

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On 12/29/2020 at 5:03 PM, GagaIsMyCure said:

  What if Chromatica had a videogame? :gamer:

⚔️ Earth is cancelled ⚔️

🕹️ Chromatica: the first video game by Lady Gaga 🎮

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👾 have fun tonight and unlock the exclusive Xbox Series X Chromatica hologram 💚deba8s8-8b8a68c1-57bc-4f5e-a72b-48c5ba49


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Full promotional poster:



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imagine the collapse if Gaga announced it in a post on Instagram 😩

Tell me what you guys think of it, is it a flop or a serve? :enigma:

It would be a serve, i would love to play it, hopefully it becomes a reality 💖:cheering:

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That'd be amazing! Wow, imagine the visuals :cute:

I had ideas for a Gaga RPG years ago, but I was too lazy to use RPG Maker lol It was a great idea though, set in TF era and the whole plot was about the government dominating media and mass communication (not so different from now, but in a more dystopic way) while Gaga would be like the savior of people and pop culture (with a lot of references and stuff).

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