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How Happy Are You?

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3 or 4    tons of family and self-esteem problems going on right now. 

It will be, if you believe it!

I would Say 8-9 even if sometimes i feel very low, it never lasts a long time and i know that i gotta keep my faith and my motivation, it's like i don't allow myself to be sad. But when i'm sad, I'm not sad i'm neutral i would say. My friends and laughing prevent me from being sad, i know that somme people are lonely, it must be difficult don't be afraid to Ask for help, we are a good community we are here to talk. ❤️

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Currently I’m at 1 with everything that happened to me last month. But I know I’ll recover from this. 

Lady's got a killer groove, and you've got a lot to lose


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