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Transcript: Chromatica Map

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The Capitol:

The Capitol is comprised of Four Loops following the contours of The Sine River.

Mother’s Peak:

It is said that Chromatics derives all of its energy from Mother's Peak, o once active volcano with mystical pink magma goo. Legend has it that the Spiritually Evolved/Non-Binary are the only ones capable of stabilizing The Core, and thus have resided at the foothills of Mother's Peak in order to maintain the balance of Chromatica for many generations.

North Bend:

North of the River is an ever-evolving metropolis, with all the complexities and diversity that come with urban and suburban living. From highly refined, well-manicured City Centres for commerce and leisure, to densely populated residential areas, to quieter living on the outskirts of the respective Loops. 

The population here is generally more forward thinking, tolerant, and compassionate than the South. Every age and status is represented here and living in harmony.

South Bend:

South of the River is the "old" city. Things are more traditional -- in both architecture and way of thinking. This is where the government buildings are located, and most of the elders. 

Much of the South Bend architecture utilizes the resources of Babylon, giving the most prestigious buildings their green teal coloring.


Babylon is the result of beauty emerging from tragedy. Thousands of years ago, when Mother's Peak erupted, the discharge mixed with the saltwater from The Bay and turned Babylon into a glazed, jade-like ruin. 



Thank you Propagaga!

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I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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Reading the babylon is the most painfull one for me 😭. Dear lord volcanic eruption to beautifull jade glaze. I cried reading this tbh. Soo much content and potential. i hope it doesnt go to waste.

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