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The problem of covering song

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There’s a female singer in my country who is making money by singing the song ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ of our Mother Monster at many of her shows and events. But I and a lot of Little Monsters are wondering if she’s paid copyright fees like the way Madonna had done for the song ’Born This Way’ in MDNA World Tour.

Not only that, she posted the “Official Cover Video” of her singing the song but NOT giving credit to Gaga and other composers in the description box.

But it’s not the end of the story, she even sells the performance of hers at the show called Xuan Ha Thu Dong Roi Lai Xuan on iTunes and a few more streaming platforms BUT still doesn’t give credit to Gaga like the screenshot below (But now as you can see it was added)

Until the most-followed fanpage of Lady Gaga in Vietnam and the fans take this problem further, she and her team started adding credits and she explained on an interview:

“I consider myself as a fan of Lady Gaga, that’s why I accepted right away when Hua Kim Tuyen asked me to do the song in the show “Xuan Ha Thu Dong Roi Lai Xuan”. The more people cover it, the more impact it has and that is the success of the song. Music connects people and brings us together. I am proud to say that I’m a fan of Lady Gaga because of the song’s recognition. Her music brings positive meanings to me and also the audience.”

“It was a mistake because the editor of Van Mai Huong fanpage didn’t mention Gaga’s name in the title but it was fixed in only an hour when the editor found out. On behalf of the crew, I just want to apologise to Lady Gaga’s fandom for our mistake and making things go so far.”

“Copyright is not a new issue. As a singer, I’m aware that when artists perform in a concert or event, the brand company has the right to decide which songs will be performed and the organizing committee has to apply for the permission to sing those songs to the Copyright Office, even for my songs so paying fees to sing a well-known foreign-language song is an obvious thing.
Particularly, cover videos posted in Youtube have to be permitted by the song’s owner (which is Universal Music Group) and you can see that my videos don’t get any copyright strikes. The Youtube A.I only need 15 minutes to scan videos that violate the policy and all my videos are still on the platform. I also give credit in the description. Things are not easy like you guys think.”

Besides cover videos posted on Youtube (17 times), I wonder how many times she performed the song and made a bunch of money from it and did she have the permission to do that? We are just asking her to show proof. 

What do you guys think about this?

Link of 17 performances

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