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Does TFM and BTW have some connection?

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Both are dark albums first of all, but at the same time tfm have a "sad" vibe, shows gaga's fears, shame and stuffs like "Dance in the dark"; the album cover may represent gaga shutting her mouth, cuz she's afraid to say something, covered with a latex outfit, like she's "dead" because she can't breath with that thing on her mouth, and she's stuck like a statue, it's the same thing when we are ashamed of something and we stay stucked on a place full of ppl.

Btw is the complete opposite, cuz shows gaga's freaky way and she's cool with that, she celebrate it, even the "sad" songs like eog have a fun vibe; the album cover shows gaga with that mouth wide open, like she finally speaks her mind and like a motorcycle, like she finally is running for her purpose on life.

I just LOVE this opposite that gaga brings to us

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I think emotionally there are connections just like her other albums but the difference is the way she expresses these emotions in every album is different, and we can see that. 

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I think definitely yes. In my opinion in TFM Gaga describes her personal monsters and talks about them (traumas, fears etc) and in BTW she accepts her way of being and embraces that darkness that her previous album describes (as for example in Marry The Night) She considered it a process of maturation and acceptance.

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