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Ariana Grande Re-Releases ''Dangerous Woman''


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Pop songstress Ariana Grande has just released an expanded version of Dangerous Woman including two unreleased tracks (''Step on Up'' and ''Jason's Song''). The expanded version can be found under the name ''Dangerous Woman (Edited)'' on all streaming platforms.  Y'all I've been waiting for so damn looooooong for Step On Up to get released. I'm so excited! Thoughts? 

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Finally!! I wish she added “Focus” on the album too. :sad2:

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15 minutes ago, LadyOfTheDame said:

It was originally supposed to be the first single off of the album but got ditched

Yes. And in the end, it was released as a bonus track in Japan. 

11 minutes ago, Triconoutsold said:

What if Gaga does something similar *manifesting*

The Fame: Again Again and Retro Dance Freak 

Joanne: Million Reasons Work Tape 

Chromatica: Love Me Right and 1000 Doves Piano. 

Retro Dance Freak was released is available in Spotify (except USA and UK) but we need all the bonus tracks from The Fame 

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15 minutes ago, Triconoutsold said:

No i meant for BTW anniversary 

There are not bonus tracks left to release. We got the complete album since day 1. 

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