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Babylon two version?

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So apparently there´s gonna be two version of Babylon on Chromatica Remix Album.

@/gagaunseen came back on twitter and added there´s also gonna be some new lyrics (might be Alice and/or Plastic Doll) 

What do yall think of that?

photo_2021-05-21_00-56-50 (2).jpg


photo_2021-05-21_00-56-51 (2).jpg

photo_2021-05-21_00-56-51 (3).jpg


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I can’t believe this is happening again. 🥴 Haus Labs version is kind of confirmed, but I don’t trust these tweets 

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1 hour ago, Triconoutsold said:

They did leak that 8min BTW film tho. They have some connetions to the Haus I fear 

Plenty of people had that, including me. It leaked almost 10 years ago.


Anyway the rest is fake or inaccurate, I’m closing the topic to prevent further rumours. 

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