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#10YearsOfBornThisWay - A Question to the HAUS

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Hypothetically speaking, if you had a chance to ask a question to the HAUS of Gaga regarding the Born This Way Era, what would you ask and to whom?

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My question is for Bobby: 

How did you feel when you were in charge about the Marketing strategy for the album and what strategies did you use for the album’s success?

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The BTW Era was massive, there was so much going around, the VMAs, seeing the album flourish, finishing the Monster Ball while starting the new era just to go on tour again next year, how did you guys keep focused with so many things happening?

another shot before we kiss the otherside!

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My questions are for Tara: 

1. What products did you use to create the Edge of Glory music video makeup look? Is there anywhere you could recommend that I could buy similar products of a good quality but cheaper price? 

2. Who are your favourite famous makeup artists? (Including those on Instagram, Twitter, other social medias, etc) 

3. Have you ever heard of @__paintedbypaige__ on Instagram and TikTok? (Underscore Underscore Painted By Paige Underscore Underscore). She's a past pupil of my school who has gone on to become a makeup artist with her own studio and she posts lots of dramatic looks on her social medias. When our country went back into lockdown after Christmas, the kids in my year at school couldn't do their work experience (which is usually what the kids in my year at school would do on a Wednesday instead of going to school) because so many work places were closed, and the teachers in charge of my year group got in contact with Paige and asked her to do an 11 week makeup course with us over Microsoft Teams every Wednesday, so she taught us lots of dramatic looks like Spotlight Eye,  Cut Creases and Festival Looks. At the end of each lesson, the students would dm pics of their looks to Paige and she'd choose 6 winners and 1 overall winner for each week. At the end of the 11 weeks, the 11 overall winners are put into a draw and whoever wins the draw gets to go to Paige's makeup studio and have a one on one lesson with her and gets to have her do a makeup look of their choice. The 11 week course finished about 2 weeks ago, but we have to wait until next Wednesday evening to find out who won the final draw. I posted a few of my recreations of her looks on my Instagram that I promoted here. Here's Paige's Instagram  and here's her TikTok. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my questions & I apologise for them being so long (especially the last one!) 😅💖

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