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DJWS deletes all his posts about ARTPOP and ARTPOP act II

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1 hour ago, Tony said:

DJWS posted this earlier today and deleted it after. 5F7909B5-EFDA-498E-B6B8-65A06DC86580.thumb.jpeg.1b5178a23e0bd636b3b450a02c37611a.jpeg

Oh I missed this!!!!! Thanks!

Like he said, he can't talk about it anymore. Probably that's what Gaga and her team told him. I don't know why....maybe he can't say that they are working on it, or that they have to wait, or any other things, because then all Monsters will start complaining saying "But you said we were gonna have it" and bla bla bla....lol

"This message will self destruct" I love him 😂

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On 5/20/2021 at 9:17 PM, Tony said:

What do you think this means? I’m SHOOK.


I think basically someone called him and told him to stay hush 😭. I think its all gonna be handled behind the curtain one. Hopefully we will get it and we need to keep talking about it. 

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