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BREAKING: The Chromatica Ball Postponed To 2022

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It's official, The Chromatica Ball won't be happening this year.

Following the ongoing pandemic, Ticketmaster sent emails regarding Lady Gaga's upcoming shows, stating that the events won't take place this year. They are waiting for new dates for all shows, the rescheduling is expected for Summer 2022.


If you still want to attend the rescheduled events, no action is required. Your current tickets are still valid for the postponed events.

Fans who purchased the tickets can ask for a refund on Ticketmaster.com as soon as the new dates are announced. Your tickets will be refunded on the same card used to purchase them. You can read Ticketmaster refund policy below.

  • If 60 days have passed since a show was postponed and no rescheduled dates have been announced, the 30-day window for refunds will open at that time.
  • You will be able to request a refund via your Ticketmaster account. If during the 60-day postponement window, your event is rescheduled, a 30-day window for refunds will also be made available.
  • If the event is cancelled (at any time), refunds will be available.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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I'm glad that Ticket Master have finally announced something, I'm lowkey expecting the tour to get cancelled a little later on down the line but I always expect the worst in every scenario so maybe that's just me. I requested a refund for my tickets but if the tour does ahead in 2022 then I hope the fans who have decided to wait have a great time at the shows!

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Well, I’m glad it’s not over yet! An announcement needed to happen sooner or later. 

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I’m glad it’s postponed and not cancelled. I personally think postponing is the most fair decision considering Europe and Canada aren’t ready just yet for large stadium concerts. This way, all of us fans can experience the ball in the same year instead of some of us this year and others having to wait until next year. Who knows, maybe just maybe more dates will be added in 2022!

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Posted (edited)

Omg finalllyyyyyy!!! I can't believe it! I'm so glad it's postponed and not cancelled.

I'm so excited, now I only have to get a ticket 😭😅lol. I had a ticket for the show in Boston in 2020 cause I was there at that time, but when it was postponed I had to ask for a refund. Now I need to get a ticket for a show in Europe.

If you are selling a Golden Circle ticket for LONDON please let me know 😁

Also, do you think they are gonna add more dates?? We don't have the new dates yet, so maybe Gaga and her team could announce the new dates + new dates in new cities, what do you think?

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