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Born This Way Buying Party (TOMORROW)


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Hello Little Monsters! Tomorrow there's going to be a huge buying party for Born This Way!!

The buying party starts at 7PM CET and we'll be trending BUY BORN THIS WAY ON ITUNES on Twitter. Also tomorrow make sure to buy the album if you haven't and get all your friends to buy it as well. 

Hope to see you take part of it, happy road to the 10th anniversary of Born This Way:slaying:

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1 hour ago, Giulia Monster said:

Yes please, I wanna see #BUYBORNTHISWAYONITUNES trending!! 🤩

SAME!! I'm so excited, so many plans for BTW's anniversary but it's what that masterpiece deserves

4 hours ago, Tony said:

We will be buying!!

Yes we will!

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