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Lady Gaga To Join "The Me You Can’t See" on Apple TV+


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Lady Gaga will appear on  Apple TV+ new multi-part documentary: "The Me You Can’t See".

The series, hosted by Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry, will discuss mental health and emotional well-being. The high-profile guests will open up about their personal struggles in conversations with Oprah and the Duke of Sussex. 

The featured guests include Lady Gaga, actress Glenn Close, San Antonio Spurs’ DeMar DeRozan, and many others. The overall aim of the documentary series is to destigmatize the highly misunderstood subject of mental health and well-being, whilst also empowering the viewers at home across the world. The producers have partnered with experts and worldwide organizations in order to shed light on these serious topics and make people aware of different pathways to treatment.



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About the series, Oprah said "Now more than ever, there is an immediate need to replace the shame surrounding mental health with wisdom, compassion and honesty. #TheMeYouCantSee is a new docuseries, executive produced by Prince Harry and me, that features stories that help lift the veil on the current state of mental health and hopefully sparks a global conversation."

You will be able to watch all episodes on May 21, on Apple TV+.

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Seeing her genuinely be a part of activism and mental health makes me so proud of her. She's doing good in anything and everything in the world. I think that little monsters should be the proudest fanbase on earth. 

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I'm so happy for her that she's able to do those kind of interventions more. She must be so proud to come to this point of her career to finally talk about something deeply important for her 🥺

I suppose they're gonna be another way to watch it for those who haven't apple TVs... 🤔🥴 ?

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