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New SOPHIE song leaked: Dance Alone

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This track was rumored to be part of Chromatica since Sophie was confirmed to be involved in the album, and later the track being played for one of her shows. 

What do you think? 


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2 hours ago, Enigma123 said:

I loved the snippets but the song itself is really great bu. Gagas Voice would fit so good to it!

I know right! 😍 I really wish any song they produced made the final cut. 

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Niiice song, I like it!! 
I didn’t even know Sophie, till I heard about her in 2019, when she was supposed to be featured in Chromatica. I should listen to more songs from her, suggestions?

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This probably could've fit well on Chromatica as a deluxe track or a extended edition released later on down the line. This defiantly isn't the song Bloodpop said they worked on though. 

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