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Fan gifted Gaga with a jacket in Rome

Giulia Monster

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Hi all,
I thought it was nice to share with you the experience of Andrea, an Italian little monster who managed to give Gaga a jacket he made for her.
He shared his experience on Facebook and his post is totally public, so you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/100004706251530/posts/1951775028322687/?d=n (I think you can get the automatic translation).

He bought a leather jacket and he decorated it with paint, Svarowski, and lining the interior with pink eco-leather. There's also a Chromatica keychain (I personally LOVE everything!!). Together with another fan, they managed to leave the jacket, and some letters, at the hotel's reception where Gaga is staying in Rome. They left letters for Sarah as well, as he is a make-up artist himself. They sent a message to Sarah on her Instagram, and told her they left gifts at the reception.
As you can read in the pictures below, Sarah got the message and told him that both she and Gaga loved the gifts, she was so kind 😍
You can only imagine his excitement!
It's really nice to hear this kind of story and achievement by talented artists and fans!

I really hope Gaga is gonna wear the jacked soon 😍



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36 minutes ago, Adeline said:

Awwwww that's so cute 🥺 I love reading this thing because it's so important that fans show her love like that and that she can be aware of our love ❤

Exactly 🥺 that’s why I love to share these stories.

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