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The Queendom 👑

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On 4/28/2021 at 9:58 AM, gia said:

Hello monsters!

So I've finally decided to share one of my drawings with you guys! I'm usually not happy enough with the result so that's why I never shared them before... I really hope you like it!







Can you all understand where I got the inspiration from? :lol:


your style is so unique <3

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4 hours ago, FamousMonster said:

Gia did not drop the boom boom gun. She IS the boom boom gun.


7 hours ago, youamazeme said:

your style is so unique <3


3 hours ago, BiggestHeart said:

This is so free woman chromaticaish. I love it.


3 hours ago, melistunning said:

so cute aaaaaaaaaaaAAA please try animate this and it wil look even bettter


2 hours ago, Rebecca s said:

it was very good, I'll even vote for your drawing at the event

Thank you so much!! You guys are making me want to draw even more! Haha 😍 


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33 minutes ago, AnneBond said:

I am drawn to her. Your drawings were so captivating. I'm mesmerized. ❤️

Thank you! 😘 

Don't forget to vote here!! Thank you!!

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