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9 years of Born This Way Ball

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Today, in 2012, Lady Gaga kicked off her third world tour "Born This Way Ball".

Set in a moving medieval three-story castle, the tour visited each continent, and collected over $200 Million with 98 shows in total. 

What's your favorite memory of Born This Way Ball? 

Did you get the golden chance of attending one of these magnificent concerts? 









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I live in Honduras and Lady Gaga went to Costa Rica with the BTW Ball. I was going to go to the show, but I was still a minor, and I couldn't leave my country without legal authorization from my parents.
This tour brings back beautiful memories, because Gaga performed on every continent in the world.

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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24 minutes ago, numb the flame said:

I still can't get over the fact she toured a 3 story castle all over the world, let's not forget she had more than one castle built because I'm pretty sure the castle took a few days to set up and there wasn't enough time between shows. 

I know right! It's so magnificent. She worked so hard on that tour and it's one of her best ones. 

The castle is simply iconic

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