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Lady Gaga Delivers Speech at Pre-Oscars Party


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A heartfelt speech was given by Lady Gaga at Elton John's virtual Academy Awards party, in support of his AIDS Foundation

The powerful speech focused on mental health and those living with HIV. Here's the full transcript of her video message:

"Hi Elton. Hi David. Hello everyone. I'm so happy to join you on Oscar's tonight and support the incredible work of the Elton John Foundation. This last year has taken a huge toll on the mental health of people all over the world. We've all had those days, weeks, or longer, where we might look okay from the outside, but inside is a different story altogether. Our mental health is fundamental to our physical health, and this is especially true for young people fighting HIV. It's tragic to think that a quarter of adolescents living with HIV don't access the medical care they need because of depression or feeling overwhelmed. The reality is we won't end the AIDS crisis unless we care for both mental and physical health. By supporting the foundation tonight, you will help them to do just that: fund programs around the world that provide hundreds of thousands of young people with not only HIV testing, treatment, and care, but also connect them with mental health services, ways to fight their fear and shame appears, to get them through the toughest times. More than this, the foundation will fight to make mental health funding and countries around the world as much a part of supporting people, living with HIV as their medical care. So we need your help. Right now. You can donate using your phone by following the text to pledge instructions on your screen or by scanning the QR code. It's really simple to do, and your money will go directly to the young people who need our support in the fight to end AIDS for good. Enjoy the rest of the show. I send all of my love. Ciao."

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the event, and Dua Lipa also joined as a musical guest. 

The virtual event will be streamed again for residents of the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia on April 26th. You can purchase tickets for just $19.99/£14.99 on Ticketmaster.com.

All proceeds from the party are going towards the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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I lover her so much, and the fact she's always supporting Elton's foundation, it is worthy of admiration. She has been a great philanthropist and always supports many causes. :kiss:

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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