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Vulture ranks ARTPOP 💿

Giulia Monster

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VULTURE ranks ARTPOP putting Sexxx Dreams, G.U.Y. and Gypsy in the Top 3 of the album.

"ARTPOP has, for nearly a decade, occupied a peculiar spot on the pop-disco shelf. In many ways, the album reinvented electronic-pop music. Though that's what Lady Gaga has always done as an artist, she translates emotional labor into better listening experiences; her music is spiritual to the point of ecstasy, with lyrics that evoke memories and fantasies of romance or sex or agony. ARTPOP, though, remains one of one in her catalogue, and from the lustful "Sexxx Dreams" to the rawness of "Gypsy", it epitomizes the mission of its Mother."

Read the full article here: https://www.vulture.com/article/lady-gaga-artpop-songs-ranked.html

Do you agree with the ranking?


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I love how everyone is talking about ARTPOP again. Only Gaga can make we keep talking about her albums 😍 

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I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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I really love how they described the album, it's very interesting. And I'm so happy that in 2021 people are talking about this album again, and how good it is!
I like the ranking but I'm have to say I totally disagree with ARTPOP being the second to last one!! No way :shook2:

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Yesterday I saw this article, and I was so happy with how it was worded. That same chaos is taking over pop music. What a nice way to get through 2021. I'm so happy Gaga's getting so appreciated for her best album.


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This is how my ranking look like:

1. Gypsy
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y.
4. Mary Jane Holland
5. Do What You Want
7. Donatella
8. Sexxx Dreams
9. Dope
10. Applause
11. Manicure
12. Aura
13. Fashion!
14. Jewels And Drugs
15. Swine

I know some fan favorites are at the bottom, sorry 👀

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