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What is your favorite Lady Gaga album? MEGARATE


What is your favorite Lady Gaga album?  

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  1. 1. Your favorite Lady Gaga album

    • The Fame
    • The Fame Monster
    • Born This Way
    • ARTPOP
    • Joanne
    • Chromatica

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1- Chromatica (am so in love with now. It‘a the anthem we so desperately needed during a pandemic were various aspects of our mental health would be tested. This is the mental health anthem! I love the idea of Chromatica, it is a real place Gaga has created & she’s invited us all for the ride. I wish I could go see her live this summer, her show will be spectacular!!!)

2- JoAnn (loved seeing her vocals used this way with a country rock vibe without the extra EDM, she still had her tongue in cheek humor screaming at John Wayne to go faster, which I love too. An artist who takes their work seriously but can also poke fun at life in their music is so captivating to me. You see a lot of this in artpop too. I loved the John Wayne grit in this, & Gaga was smoking them all. I loved the sentiment, feeling & emotion that weaves throughout this album as well. Much like Chromatica delves into Gaga’s experience with mental health, this album explores Gaga, & her diamond heart!!!

2.5 A Star is Born (Isn’t this everyone’s love story? You fall in love someone brings something so profound to your world that no one else has & you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. You want to grow old, build memories. My favorite song from this soundtrack, is “Is That Alright,” this song nearly brings me to tears every time, it‘a one of mine & my husbands songs. We’ve experienced up’s & down’s of substance misuse, recovery, mental health & I feel like regardless of the ending of A Star is Born, it’s meant to be hopeful. Love helps us find deep things about our self we didn’t find before, & I think Shallow describes it beautifully.)

3- ARTPOP (justice for Artpop!!! I love the EDM ride on this record from start to finish, so many good songs overlooked from this era from Aura to Gypsy. I love Mary Jane Holland on this record, it gets me every time, she’s such a rock goddess! Critics called ARTPOP shallow but it’s a lot more deep then you think if you look behind the curtain, behind the aura.)

4- Born This Way (Another EDM ride, gotta be the special edition, need me some black jesus, & fashion of his love!!! Gaga is & always has been a rocker at heart, her music is just mixed & produced different each genre. You could take many of her songs from Chromatica & produce as a rock record rather then a dance house record. I loved that this album enhanced the rock punk kid in her & I love the themes throughout that tie into self love & being accepted as you are. “Don’t be insecure if your heart is pure, you’re still good to me if you’re a bad kid baby.”

5- The Fame

(I love me some Fame Monster Gaga but I had to put the original Fame first, the one that started it all. I can’t go without my poker face or just dance, & I did love this disco era. The glitz, the glam & THE shades!!! I do think that Fame Monster has quite a bit more facets to it that make it more intriguing, but I love the unapologetic not think too hard pop bop’s the of Fame.

5.5- The Fame Monster

(What’s cool about Fame Monster is I feel like this is where Stephanie truly put her stamp & created her brand as mother monster. Fame Monster is so uniquely her & her creation. I admire her so much for going in that direction & had he 

6- Cheek 2 Cheek

(I love that she did this record I will be one of the first to listen to C2C 2, however my heart is more in the EDM, rock/pop genres she built. What’s so amazing about Gaga, is each record she doesn’t give you the same thing, everything has a twist & is different then all her records & works of art. This makes each record unique, & honestly pulls me back to each one. It’s so hard to pick a favorite, each one speaks to you differently & differently at each phase of your life.)




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The Fame :hello:

I think when love is pure you try to understand the reasons why…

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I feel like not many monsters would rate it as their number one album, but Joanne is definitely my favorite Gaga album - it was the album that introduced me to her, I have a lot of emotional attachment to it, and overall, I love all the music and can sonically and emotionally connect to it all, it's a great record!! 

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i can't pick one... but my top 2 would be born this way and chromatica.  I love them both for different reasons. Born this way and its whole visuals and aethetics was sooo unique and it literally doesn't have a single bad song but chromatica helped me when i was in really dark places, and as for gaga it was/is my healing journey. I also love chromatica aesthetics and the idea of chromatica as a planet...

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My favorite changes from time to time, depending on my mood. Whenever I need the energy to be rebellious my go to album is Born This Way. When I need to heal I play Chromatica. If I create my artworks, cliche it may be, I play ARTPOP. 

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