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Which Chromatica song shocked you?

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For me it was 911, I already had high expectations because Madeon is the producer and I LOVE Mary Jane Holland, but it really exceeded them all!! It became an instant favorite and it's still top 3 on the album for me, the production and the lyrics really blew my mind

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11 hours ago, MaulJHolland said:

Call me generic but Plastic Doll blew my mind, it was the exact bubble gum pop I needed from her.

Finally someone who likes Plastic Doll!!

It’s not one of my favorite from Chromatica, but I do like it a lot, especially for the lyrics. Am I the one who thought “is this about Carino?” at first? Lmao!!

To me the P-p-plastic/T-t-techonologic sounded weird. But it’s a good song! The style reminded me of her old songs (p-p-poker face/T-t-telephone kind of repetition)

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Her voice on enigma... It changes live, I know it does.

And when some "insiders" said replay was "reloaded" reworked and we got THAT. It was a punch on our faces but in a good way. 

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Alice was very suprising

ROM was suuuuch a bop

Fun Tonight was nothing I was expecting and it turned out to be my fav song. I thought it would be lame like the title but it turns out it’s the total opposite 😩

Chromatica II + 911 made me JUMP

Plastic Doll sounds still sooo soooo good

Sour Candy is a collapse no one could prepare me for 😩🙏🏼🚨🚨

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