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Meeting Lady Gaga

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Love to hear your stories about meeting gaga! Also what really stuck out in your mind about her?  What surprised you about her in person? I met her backstage of Artrave and she was so switched on. Just a power and I already remember her ordering a red wine and coke. When I asked her what is that she replied it’s something she got from Spain and let me try it. Was very nice to be honest!

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My first instance was small. I spent a large chunk of my college days traveling to NY for her events. I was one of the poppyseeds in her Wizard of Oz themed Applause performance on Good Morning America. After the cameras were off, she got personable with everyone and then she squeezed my hand. Nothing big, but it felt like everything in life was going to be okay.

I then went back and forth over the next few months during the ArtPop era and met a lot of monsters from Twitter that I knew for years who also happened to be local to the area. During the Roseland Ballroom tour, I went to a Gaga inspired club night with a friend and she and Starlight ended up showing up and crawling drunk on stage to "My Neck, My Back." We went back to the hotel shocked at seeing something so funny and candid. We then met up with the twitter monsters the next day and we walked by her apartment on the offchance she was there. I want to emphasize we didn't bother anyone or go inside lmao. We stood outside for about 15 minutes and then her car pulled up. She jumped out all excited to see fans and she met with all of us. I'm pretty sure my first words to her were, "omg you're so beautiful." lmfao. She chatted with us for 10 minutes before saying bye and going inside. 😭💞

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7 hours ago, Leography said:

No, and I'm kinda glad. I'm 100% I'd make a total fool of myself if I were to meet her 💀

Also, my English is TERRIBLE, so I'm fairly sure she wouldn't understand the Scheiße i'm saying 


I'm kinda like you , I feel the same .. i would be so stressed out. but sometimes I talk to her in my mind and my English is perfect tho lmao

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Hey everybody ❤️
I would like to tell my story about how I met Gaga back in 2018.
Firstly, I want to say that I remember seeing a similar topic back in December, when someone told his/her/their story, so I want to apologize to whoever started the conversation. I would reply to that one but I cannot find it anymore.

I've finally found the time to write mine, so let's start.

I met Gaga in 2018 when she came to Italy for the Venice Film Festival.
On August 31st she walked on the red carpet with Bradley Cooper for the first-ever premiere of A Star Is Born (yes, the one she was wearing that iconic pink dress under the rain...rain on me, rain, rain...:fun:).
I attended the red carpet, but since I was in the third or fourth row I was too far to get any autographs, but I got to see her (and that handsome man who's Bradley :ofcourse:) very close to me. Just to make it clear, attending the red carpet is completely free, since it's on the street.
As soon as the red carpet was over, me and my friends attended the premiere of the movie, @Matt was there too so he remembers lol❤️
The movie was shown twice that night. The first screening was the one the actors attended, including Gaga. You had to be invited to attend the first screening or be able to get some
of the few tickets available I think (honestly, I don't even remember).
The second screening, which started about one hour after the first one, is the one I attended.
I remember paying something like 13€, so it was like going to a regular movie.
The room was big, and I remember seeing many little monsters, as well as regular film buffs who attend the festival every year.
Being there, watching the very first Gaga movie, was incredible. I remember being extremely excited when I first saw the scene of Ally in the bathroom lol. I was so proud I almost cried lol. :sad2:
Anyway, let's get to the best and unexpected part. Once the movie ended and the lights turned up, every single person was crying, and after a few minutes, Gaga and Bradley appeared in front of the screen, in the flesh! My jaw literally dropped!! :what:
Everybody started getting up and applauding, and getting closer to them. I remember being in the second row, which I didn't like at the beginning, since the screen was too close and my neck hurt lmao, but once they showed up I was glad to be that close.
Gaga and Bradley finished watching the movie in another room far from ours, and they decided to come to our screening to thank everyone for being there. I mean, how cute??? They were not supposed to be there, but they wanted to thank us in person. I was shaking! :sad2:

September 1st
Gaga and Bradley had several interviews that day.
My friends and I tried to find out where Gaga could be, checking Twitter for clues lmao.
Venice is not a big city, however, everybody knows the city is set on the water, so it's not always easy to move around. There are no cars, you can either walk or take the boat. And if you take the wrong boat it's gonna take you a while to get another one that goes in the opposite direction, and of course, we took the wrong boat :glasses3:!!
Finally, we find out where she was. I think an Italian radio posted a video on Twitter saying Gaga was coming for an interview, so we find out where she was looking at the buildings in the background of the video...ugh our minds!! :glasses2:
We finally got to the right place, we were probably 10 people, all monsters.
We waited for a couple of hours I think, and when she was about to come out the security told us to remain neat. Obviously, people started pushing others a bit when she came out. It wasn't super crazy, but still, we could've done better. Plus, the street was very narrow so it wasn't very easy to make space...
Gaga stopped and took some pictures, I was so excited, something inside me was telling me that THAT was the day I would get a picture with her. I was sure! 
She took a picture with my friend next to me while I was waiting for my turn. At that moment the crowd started being a bit messy and the security, together with her bodyguard Peter, tried to let her walk through the crowd. In other words, she couldn't stop so she passed me and my friends. :shook2:
Everything was a bit messy and I didn't really have time to think, the only thing I remember thinking was “There's no way I'm going home without a picture with her”. So I quickly came out of the crowd running, and I managed to go around it and somehow pass the security, such a rebel! :lol:
I remember the security made a sort of a wall in the narrow street, trying to maintain the crowd on one side and let Gaga go the other way with Peter. My memories are very confused so I don't even remember every detail, but somehow I found myself between the security and Gaga, HOW CRAZY :shook1: How the h*ll did I managed to find myself in that place?? I don't even know, I just wasn't thinking clearly and my heart was beating so much, I knew that was my only chance.
However, I was still aware of what I was doing so I was walking next to Gaga, keeping a distance from her. I didn't want to scare her or made her think I was a crazy person trying to attack her or touch her all of a sudden, so I remained distant (I also didn't want Peter to kill me lmao:puff:). I was shaking.
While she was walking, I said: “Hey Gaga could you take a picture with me please?” She saw me and she moved her arm like telling me to get closer to her, so I calmly approached her, we stopped for a few seconds and I took a couple of pictures with my phone, and told her “Thank you so much!!” :sad2:
I don't recall her saying anything to me, but maybe she did. There's a video of me and Gaga, that my friend took from behind, and you could see that when I got closer to her she touched my arm :shook1: I DIDN'T EVEN REMEMBER THAT! If it wasn't for that video I would have never known!! So maybe she did tell me something but everything happened so quickly.
I seemed super calm but inside me, I was on fire! :award2:
Once I thanked her, she kept walking and I remained motionless, I couldn't even think, I had so many feelings that I felt like I wasn't feeling anything at all. :thinking:
Then, as soon as Gaga turned into another narrow street the crowd managed to catch her up, so did I.
In the other street, the rest of the Haus joined her, I recall seeing Bobby, Freddy, Sarah, Ashley, Bo and others. They were all walking together, trying to “protect” her making a circle around her lol.
I want to specify that they all seemed to be having a good time. When I talk about a “crowd” I'm not talking about 50 people, we were way less than that, it's just that the streets were very narrow
At that point I reunited with my friends again, and we were all walking behind Gaga and her security screaming “We love you Gaga”, and we all started singing “Sei Bellissima!” that means “You are beautiful” in Italian. She understood, and she had a big smile on her face and was laughing. After that, she arrived close to the water and got on her boat with her friends and they left.

This is all I remember, and sorry if it's too long, but I wanted to catch every detail of these two unforgettable days!!! :tricon:
Gaga was so kind and she seemed genuinely happy since the day before, as you can tell from the pictures ❤️
There are also pictures made by the paparazzi, taken at the moment while we were singing in the street (there's even one with me photobombing Gaga lmao) but I can't find the pictures on gagaimages anymore, and I don't know how to add them on this post lol.

I would like to read your stories, please share yours too!!! ❤️

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Omg I loved the way you told the story Giuli! 🤍 I'm so happy you got to experience something so special :cute: Gaga is such an amazing human being. It's normal not to remember anything when you are over excited haha

I haven't met Gaga yet but I hope I will have a chance soon 😍 I think I will die haha She's so beautiful. I hope Gucci will bring her back to Venice :oscar2:

Your experience sounds surreal! You were very lucky! 🤍

I remember seeing that video of the crowd following Gaga singing in Italian. That was SO Italian! hahaha

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35 minutes ago, gia said:

Omg I loved the way you told the story Giuli! 🤍 I'm so happy you got to experience something so special :cute: Gaga is such an amazing human being. It's normal not to remember anything when you are over excited haha

I haven't met Gaga yet but I hope I will have a chance soon 😍 I think I will die haha She's so beautiful. I hope Gucci will bring her back to Venice :oscar2:

Your experience sounds surreal! You were very lucky! 🤍

I remember seeing that video of the crowd following Gaga singing in Italian. That was SO Italian! hahaha

Thank you!!!  ❤️   It took me so looong to write it. Hope my English is understandable lol

I do hope she'll go back to Venice for Gucci too!! 

I remember taking 2 days off from work just to be there, and it was worth it!! For once, I got lucky 😂

We almost missed the train to go back home that day lol. Can you imagine crazy monsters running around Venice, trying to catch boats on time to get to the train station? 🤣  🤣

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3 hours ago, little_monster_amy said:

Wow! This is so amazing and interesting! I'd love to meet her some day! 

Thank you!! Don't give up, that day will come ❤️❤️

1 minute ago, Adeline said:

You looks so cute , both of you ☺ 

Thank you! And I forgot to say how she was, other than being beautiful, she was also super tiny 😂  :small:

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