12 January 2013

The Born This Way Ball 2.0 – all the changes!

The new leg of the Born This Way Ball Tour started last night with the first concert in Vancouver, Canada. Just a few hours before the show, Versace confirmed on their official Twitter page that Lady Gaga was going to rock some new outfits. And in fact there are some major changes in the Born This Way Ball.

New Yoü and I outfit;
New Hair outfit;
New ‘The Edge of Glory’ outfit;
New piano;
New Scheiße outfit;

Other changes:
– ‘Hair’ studio version was added to the setlist along with a new choreography;
– Lady Gaga does not receive gifts after ‘Bad Kids';
– ‘The Queen’ acoustic was added to the setlist;
– ‘Electric Chapel’ has a choreography;
– ‘Princess Die’ isn’t in the setlist anymore;
– New ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ choreography;
– New ‘Marry The Night’ Keytar;

More photos and videos will be coming soon so you may want to keep checking our website later on today!

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