25 December 2012

NEW LAYOUT – Princess High

The new layout is now online! First of all, the drawing in the header was created by a Lady Gaga fan called Donato Forte. We have kept an eye on him for some time and when it came the time to change the look of our website, we decided that he was the right person to create this amazing drawing of Lady Gaga / Princess High. Make sure to like his Facebook page to see more!!!

For the rest of the layout we kept following the “minimal” path of the previous one. It’s very easy to navigate through all the posts, there’s a search box and a perfect navigation bar. However we still need to fix a few things. Finally, it was coded by the team of Laborator and it was purchased by us thanks to the money donated by some of you.

We hope you like the new layout as much as we do. Please, report any issues you may find while browsing the website so we can fix it. Also remember that you can find us on Twitter and Facebook.

The team of Lady Gaga Now is ready for the new ARTPOP era! Are you?