28 January 2014

MONSTERS X VENUS: Vote for Your Favourite Book Cover!

As you may know, we at Lady Gaga Now are getting ready for Lady Gaga’s birthday already! This year we are gifting her a special photo-book titled MONSTERS X VENUS. Different from anything done before, this book will contain pictures only. We want the images fans submit to speak for themselves, to tell Lady Gaga a story, to share a special moment or memory with her, just like she did with her LADY GAGA X TERRY RICHARDSON book.

As announced, we allowed fans to submit a cover created by them for the book. Among all the submissions, we picked the best ones, but now it’s your time to vote! Below you will find all the covers that were chosen for the designer competition. The one with the highest number of votes will be chosen for Lady Gaga’s birthday gift!

Click on them to enlarge!

Cover #1

Cover #2

Cover #3

Cover #4

Cover #5

Cover #6

Cover #7

Cover #8

Cover #9

Cover #10

Cover #11

Cover #12

Deadline for the poll: February 1st.

Now that you have voted, have you submitted your picture for the photo-book yet? Details here!

6 Responses


    I think cover #11 speaks for it’s self, you see the paws of the us, little monsters. You see the Sea shell of Venus and the title speaks for it’s self. It’s really iconic and really simple, that’s what makes it so powerful.

  2. Jason

    I truly love #2.
    I love that the artist included a Tech board into the seashells! The more you look at the photo, the more you see! I just realized there is a ocean in the background, props to the artist! Good luck everyone!

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