05 March 2014

MONSTERS X VENUS: Inside Lady Gaga’s Birthday Gift

As you may know, we at Lady Gaga Now have been working on MONSTERS X VENUS for the last 2 months. After receiving over 300 submissions, we have created this fantastic photo-book for Lady Gaga’s birthday.

The book is different from anything done before. It has an actual concept: we want the photos to speak loud. We want to tell a story, a memory, something personal about us, through a moment captured in the camera.

The cover of the photo-book was designed by Austin. An introduction message is featured right at the very beginning. Every page has the same format, which makes the book look very professional and clean.

You can go through all the pages by watching the video below. The photo-book will be shipped tomorrow. Lady Gaga’s team will give it to her on her birthday. Thanks everyone for partecipating. Let’s hope she loves it!

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  1. ladygaganow

    If you’re not in the book it’s either because you have not sent the picture properly or because the picture did not meet the requirements.

  2. William

    I’m so thankful that you picked my photo to go in the book, this is an amazing thing to happen and I so grateful you came up with this fantastic idea! Is there any way that people who have their photos in the book could get a copy??

  3. WOW JESUS!!! I thought that i wasn’t there but i said to myself : you have to watch it one more time AND OMG! SECOND 2:26 Me at the left top of the right page Doing my elven stuff (sorry for my bad english) Thank you so much I love this page and gagaimages.org is the best xoxo @ARTPOPqueen here ♥

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