11 January 2014

Mert And Marcus talk about Lady Gaga’s VERSACE Campaign

During a recent interview for Style.com, photographers Mert And Marcus talked about their photo shoot for the new VERSACE campaign featuring Lady Gaga.

You recently shot the Spring ’14 Versace campaign with Lady Gaga, and in November you leaked an image on Instagram. How has social media changed the way you work?
MA: The story behind the Lady Gaga picture is actually very funny. It was the middle of the night, and I was talking to Donatella, and I said, “Donatella, when can I put the photo on Instagram? What’s the release date for the campaign?” And she said to me, “Just do it now.” So it was a leak, but had approval from darling Donatella. As far as technology goes, I love the fact that you can take a picture and just put it out there with your phone. I find it very funny and entertaining. I would love to be the kind of photographer who walks around with a camera around his neck capturing a lot of things, but unfortunately neither I nor Marcus is that kind of person. Camera phones and Instagram are kind of a release because I can take a picture of anything any time.

Was it intentional to make Lady Gaga look like a mini Donatella Versace in the campaign?
MA: Yeah! We were like, “What are we gonna do for Lady Gaga?” She’s done every amazing look. She’s been every kind of monster. But a few weeks before the shoot, Donatella told me that Gaga did a song called “Donatella,” and we said, “Oh, my God. This is it! She’s Donatella! She’s got to be Donatella!”

What was Donatella’s reaction when she saw Lady Gaga in her image?
MP: She loved it.
MA: She was so much fun. We listened to the song “Donatella” so loud on set, and on one side there was Donatella, and on the other side was Donatella. At one point, I said, “I think we should do the hair like this.” And then Gaga said, “Would Donatella wear it like that?” And Donatella said, “Yes, she would wear it like that.”

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