18 February 2013

Lady Gaga’s Birthday Video Project

Lady Gaga’s birthday is approaching! She will be 27 years old this March 28th so why not put up a video with messages from her fans all over the world? We did it last year in collaboration with PropaGaga, so let’s do it again and make it even more beautiful!

Send us all your videomessages for Lady Gaga’s birthday and let her know how excited you are about ARTPOP and all her upcoming projects! We will make sure to include each one of you.

– Max. 30 seconds;
– Good quality video/audio;
– No backdrop music;
– You can dance, sing or record a video with your friends.

Send them ASAP to: ladygaganownet@gmail.com and specify ‘Lady Gaga’s bday video’ in the subject. The final video will be sent to her team.

Deadline: March 17th.