04 July 2014

Lady Gaga talks about future plans & more backstage

After taking over Montréal with the artRAVE, Lady Gaga met her fans backstage who were lucky enough to hear her talk about her future plans, but also to hear her sing a sneak peek from the song Paradise, set to be featured on her Jazz album Cheek To Cheek with Tony Bennett. Thanks to Gypsy18, you can read details below.

About future plans.
She talked about how she is concentrating on her album with Tony, but she would love to put out a b-side album with tracks from The Fame, The Fame Monster, Born This Way and ARTPOP, not just an ARTPOP Act II.

About the relationship with her label and ‘Dope’.
She talked about how she had a bumpy relationship with her record label, but I asked her how it was now and she said that they’re in a good place right now. I also asked her why she doesn’t perform ‘Dope’ during the show and she says that she is passed that song, that she doesn’t want to think about that part of her life anymore and that she wanted the show to be positive and have a fun vibe.

‘Paradise’ Sneak Peek.
She sang a snippet of Paradise, a song that she wrote for the record. She said it was inspired from a poem that her aunt Joanne wrote before she died. It’s about how her aunt knew she was gonna die but she was excited to see what heaven was like. The song sounded SO GOOD I’m telling you. Then a fan asked her to sing a bit of ‘Lush Life’ (she seemed annoyed at the point cause you could tell that her voice was tired).

About the ARTPOP singles and ‘Aura’.
She told us that she is aware of how the ARTPOP single releases were a mess. She actually said that she wanted to release Aura as the first single, but then I asked her if she was sad that it leaked, and guess what! She said that she’s the one who leaked it. She was pissed at her record label so she created a fake account called “Boris” and she leaked the song. I don’t know if she was joking but then I turned around and asked her assistant if it was true and she said ‘yeah’.

About future singles from ARTPOP.
I also asked her if she was going to release another single from ARTPOP and her response was: ‘I don’t know, would you like one?’ – I said yes. Then she asked: ‘which one?’ – I said gypsy and everyone else in the room was in agreement and she was like: ‘okay I’ll think about it.’

My last question was: out of all her songs, which one is she the most proud of. She said: the one I am writing right now.

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  1. Hilary Katherine Laholt

    She should relase Donatella or Mary Jane Holland. Those would be great singles & music videos!!!

  2. Tuyonkah

    Plan to release a B-side album is worthy. I look forward to it. Also, look forward to ArtPop Act 2, but wish that it will be released sooner, perhaps sometime after the jazz album.

    I love AURA. I fantasize Miss Lady Gaga perform this wearing a burqa, it will be amazing.

    One thing that I wish it would be better (at least for me) is the remixed versions of her singles. How about bring back the 80s extended versions?

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