Lady Gaga performs with Christina Aguilera on The Voice

December 16, 2013

Lady Gaga performed her latest single ‘Do What U Want’ on the The Voice tonight and coach Christina Aguilera joined! The two delivered an amazing and powerful performance.


  1. Maya Germanotta


  2. #Mtvstars Lady Gaga✞


  3. rakanGAGA

    gagaaaa we love u ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. chris

    THE QUEEN XTINA AGUILERA ft. gaga. :’(

  5. Tuyonkah

    TREMENDOUS!!!! Lady Gaga’s vocal is excellent and so is Christina. I love this performance and hope non Gaga fan will realize how BIG TALENT Gaga is. This performance WAY SURPASS her performance with R Kelly on SNL and AMA

  6. TOM

    I love you both! #PawsUp for the most iconic performance of 2013!

  7. Tuyonkah

    Let’s continue supporting Do what you want. Hope the video will come out soon.

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