Lady Gaga performs ‘ARTPOP’ on Jimmy Fallon

February 18, 2014

Lady Gaga performed during tonight’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on NBC. Unexpectedly she sang an acoustic version of ‘ARTPOP’ at the very beginning, followed by the original version of the song. Watch the amazing performance again below!


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    ok so Gaga isn’t going to be on tonight? she’s on tomorrow – tuesday? dammit… i’ve been watching this for ten minutes….

  2. |

    omg. Gaga was just on and gave Jimmy Kimmel a kiss….. and she looked amazing!

  3. TOM

    CAN’T WAIT!!! Hope it’s the new single.

  4. Irfaan Nauzeer Monsterzz

    it was not a kiss, she whispered something to him

  5. Jason Sullovan

    hope she performs her new single … i think it will be G.U.Y

  6. Eric Lee

    I read in some website that some radio told that first was Venus, then G.U.Y. and the last minute MANiCURE came along.

  7. luke kingsly.

    So excited! :D

  8. Ryan

    She is performing artpop. BYE.

  9. Kalena Lizinka

    omgg ♥

  10. Kalena Lizinka


  11. |

    Is the stream working for you guys?

  12. Rodrigo Ramirez

    the stream stopped…

  13. Bayardo Barrios

    Anyone else only getting the audio?!

  14. |

    how long do we have to wait for gaga. i’m not interested in anything else.

  15. |

    the video is working for me

  16. |

    man, waiting for gaga is torture. i just don’t care about the rest of this drivel.

  17. Gustavo Leone

    She is performing Poker Face. BYE

  18. |

    they made me wait more than 50 minutes for gaga!!!! fuck.

  19. Ryan


  20. |

    that was it? less than 5 minutes… no interview. i waited 55 minutes for 5 minutes & no interview…. feeling a wee bit disappointed.

  21. Frank Zozaya

    she performed artpop she was amazing as always!!!!<3(:

  22. Erwin Ancer

    This is sure the best version of Artpop ever….I have checked others and being an ex radio jock….This version will do exceptionally well for you…Who agrees????

  23. Tuyonkah


  24. Tuyonkah


  25. Tuyonkah


  26. Tuyonkah

    Boo hoo

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