The followings are several presents and quotes from some fans who sent us their own opinion about us and the website for our 2nd Anniversary. Check them out!

“How often can you find a fan site that cares about its fans as much as the fans care about them and their information? It’s rare. But its very apparent at LadyGagaNowNet. They are true Monsters who put everything Gaga tells us to demonstrate in to action. I know they love me and I love them. ” – @Monster_Prince


“My personal opinion about you guys is that…your honestly the best lady gaga website ever and well with your love for lady gaga and your website it helps us love her and you more. so thank you for your hard work and the passion you have for lady gaga rubs off on us little monsters, and we love you for ever and always <3" - @jessietoomey

“Amazing site! Keeps this Little Monster up-to-date ! Thanks!” – @hausofdaan

“It’s perfect the way it is!” – @akay55

“I love the site. I like how its quite dark, just like monsters” – @RienAutre

“Please consider my TMB Sims video as a short present –″@HausofJoshL

“HAPPY (early) ANNIVERSARY :) ENJOY!” – @edwinr2008

“I really love the site and the twitter !!! always with good news and true news, the site is so interesting, the design is perfect ! keep being like that !!! amazing! I have sure Lady Gaga is so proud about you Little Monsters !!!” – @Gaga_Foreever

“Hi I think that your bewsite is amazing! It’s incredible to see how much diligence you put on it It’s like my favorite newspaper that i buy everyday keep it up ^-^ and paws up” – @LawOfGaga

Me and cassie think that it’s really good, its updated a lot and we like the layout, oh its one of our faves :D

“My honest opinion, is thatt your sitee is amazingg.<3" - @JohnnyXGaga

“ is the best! you’re doing a great job, Lady Gaga should be proud of you, but I know she is. Be yourself, and never let anyone try to stop the work amazing you’re doing. I hope you keep growing with us, and have more wonderful years like this. ;)” – @itsferd

“Love the website! :)” – Peter Lynch

“ is one of the best fansites I have come across on Twitter and the internet.I am so glad I made friends with the editor of the site, they’re just really cool, post the best & latestnews and other stuff, which I will analyse now.
The layouts on the website. Layout after layout the website never fails, they just get betterand better. My personal favorite was the Bad Romance, black and white layout – that was justamazing! So professional! And then the Max Abadian layout (Black and Pink) that is my secondfavorite, and the rest are equally amazing.
The content on the website. You are always updating with the latest news and never-before-seen,exclusive outtakes from various photoshoots and they’re always as a big file, for example, somesites may just upload low quality and small sizes of an outtake, but not this site, it’s always highquality and brilliant size. And the posts, you can see that all the editors on the site take timeand add good quality to each post. The banners are made accurately, the text in the post isproperly done, and you might think, well everyone does that, but no. That includes the title ofthe post, especially when you’re sending it to Twitter. Now, I’m just rambling on, but you probablyget the idea :)
The gallery on the website. Well, I’ve just spoke about it. It’s amazing. That’s all I really need to say.I’m always on your gallery, it’s the only one I go to. And that’s because of all the amazing outtakesand other high quality photos in your gallery. 2 million views, well deserved. :)
Overall, I think this is the best site ever and I love Amazing as well! You deserveall the credit etc and I hope GaGa gets to see your site again one day, with the new url.” – @iRycee