15 May 2014

Lady Gaga is RIAA’s first Female Digital Diamond Award Recipient

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) on Tuesday presented Lady Gaga with a prestigious Diamond Award in recognition of “Bad Romance” (Streamline/Interscope) surpassing the 10 million threshold counting song sales and streams. The presentation took place at Lady Gaga’s Washington, D.C. Verizon Center show as part of her artRAVE.

Cary Sherman, Chairman & CEO, RIAA said the following about Lady Gaga’s Diamond Award milestone:

With this award, Lady Gaga joins a prestigious and exclusive list of Gold and Platinum luminaries. ‘Bad Romance’ is one of the most popular and iconic songs of the last decade. We are honored to present Lady Gaga with a Diamond Award in recognition of ‘Bad Romance’ surpassing the ten million mark, and to congratulate her as the first female artist in Gold & Platinum Program history to earn a Digital Diamond Award.

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Gaga is currently playing to sold out crowds across the country on her artRAVE: the ARTPOP ball tour in support of her top-selling album “ARTPOP” whose newest video for the single “G.U.Y.” is about to cross 50 million worldwide views.

In addition to her Diamond song honor, Lady Gaga’s digital single certifications now surpass the 28.5 million threshold, counting downloads and streams and spanning seven songs. Gaga’s RIAA album awards represent more than six million albums sold in the United States.

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  1. pcgaga

    It’s no surprise to your Little Monsters Bad Romance is a classic…congrats Mother Monster keep up the great work, we love you so much <3

  2. PJ

    Already living in the past. She certainly did not and WILL NOT receive any of these awards for her singles from her last 2 albums. They all flopped like her saggy tits.

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