06 January 2014

Lady Gaga appears on SMAP X SMAP (Japan)

A new episode of SMAP X SMAP featuring Lady Gaga and her dad Joe Germanotta aired in Japan earlier today. You can watch it below!

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  1. Tuyonkah

    Sadly, Miss Lady Gaga Is not invited to perform at the upcoming Grammy. Of all negative comments and bad things that surround ArtPOP, now I look forward to the next album, hope we don’t have to wait too long, even though people suggested that she takes a break.

  2. George Wine

    it’s not such a big thing that she isn’t performing. have a little faith in gaga, this era just started and ARTPOP still has many songs than can become hits

  3. wilsonq

    I think the negative phase is getting behind her. Have u checked the website Examiner lately? This was meant to be one of the most notorious sites that bash Lady Gaga to the ground no matter what she does, but apparently, all of the articles abt her recently are positive, and they have deleted all of the negative bias posts abt her on their sites….I have no idea why this had happened, but it is true, and I cant seem to really find anything bad on ARTPOP anymore. This is the light to the end of the tunnel, and this is only a small hurdle in her long career….everybody experiences this…every big star.

    Also, don’t give up so fast and so easily! We are only up to the 2nd single, and the video is not even released!!! How about the sequel video to Telephone as well as the video for Venus!? All those good things are yet to come! I don’t exactly agree on her releasing ARTPOP part 2, but I would like the idea of her releasing an EP, like The Fame Monster, a small album added to The Fame, put some new materials in it, plus making ppl realise again how great ARTPOP actually really is!

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