On March 18th 2009, 2 fans decided to open a new fansite about Lady Gaga. She wasn’t very well known at that time, at least not in Europe. However we thought that it could have been useful to open this international fansite to let everybody know about her talent and her music.

GaGa-Web was our name at first. We did not expect so much work, all that stuff, news, photos growing everyday because she was gettin’ bigger and bigger in the showbiz world. But we’ve been through so many problems related to other fansites, which tried to bring us down with insults and accusations. We decided not to pay attention to them, even though it was really hard and several times we thought about closing the site, but not because we did not have enough visitors or passion for the website fortunately.

However one day we had a huge problem with our hosting service so we decided to move to another host. That’s why we had to change our domain from gaga-web.net to ladygaganow.net, that’s the actual domain. This brought lots of changes. We had to start from the beginning because all the users lots the connection and got redirected to another fansite. So we worked so hard to keep the site updated everyday with the best content, the best news and the best exclusive material.
We had also several problems due to hackers attacks to our gallery. Once they even deleted everything, but fortunately our host brought back everything and perfectly. We cannot thank FanFusion enough.

We grew up a lot since then. Now we’re totally changed. The layouts are super modern and professional. We cannot be more happier to have more than 150.000 followers on Twitter, they are all so nice and gave us so much love and support. If it wasn’t for them, we don’t really know where we would be now. Check these quotes from several fans who sent us their opinions for our Anniversary.