12 August 2014

EAU DE GAGA – The Prices of Lady Gaga’s new fragrance

Just a few days ago Lady Gaga announced the launch of her new fragrance EAU DE GAGA via Instagram with a promotional image shot by Steven Klein followed by the press release, which we published exclusively. With the press release, we also gave our users a first look at the high quality images of the EAU DE GAGA bottle and the boxing.

Now to comply with your requests and questions, we are providing you now with the prices of the fragrance. These are the suggested retail prices provided to us by Coty, so they might be slightly different depending on the country/store.

15ml: SRP 19€ (converted $25.37)
30ml: SRP 29€ (converted $38.7)
50ml: SRP 39€ (converted $52.04)
75ml: SRP 55€ (converted $73.39)

EAU DE GAGA – High Quality Image EAU DE GAGA – Press Release

Finally, Lady Gaga published a brand new promotional image from the EAU DE GAGA fragrance campaign. We got it exclusively for you in high quality. Simply click on the button above. If the 1000px image appears, refresh the page 2-3 times to clear your cookies.

The promo image with no bottle/text is coming very soon. Stay tuned.

2 Responses

  1. Tuyonkah

    Heard that she plan to record an album with just piano and vocal. Hope this won’t happen in about 10 years!! We need the electronic or dance album for sure!!!

    So when do we get to hear the second part to ArtPop? Please don’t let us wait too long. I am sure in the fall, the competition is very fierce. This summer, the music on top 40 suck!!!!

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