01 January 2014

‘Do What U Want’ feat. Christina Aguilera (Studio Version)

It’s here! After their performance on The Voice and the high appreciation they got from the public, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera decided to release a studio version of Do What U Want.

Listen to it below and make sure to download your copy here.

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  1. Tuyonkah

    It s time to release a new single. I hope Donatella or G.U.Y. Do what you want has lost steam……. too bad. I am sad for Lady Gaga, since I just browsed Billboard hot 100 and the other artists ( don’t want to name them) are doing well!!!!!

    I also looked back at Lady Gaga live performances (some of which are not familiar to us in the States) when she just started and they gave me goose bumps. If only she can bring back those magical moments of her career……..

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