21 June 2014

Lady Gaga’s ‘Cheek To Cheek’ to be released in September

Lady Gaga has been working with Tony Bennett on their Jazz album for over a year now. While no official announcement was given so far, it was confirmed by Anthony Mason, co-host at CBS, that Cheek To Cheek will be released in September.

Earlier this week the two started working on the promotion for the new record. From the Today Show to CBS Sunday, all the interviews are scheduled to air on TV in September, in time for the album release. In the meantime, check out the pictures of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in Frank Sinatra High School where they debuted new songs from the record.

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Are you excited? New music is coming very soon!

9 Responses

  1. Tuyonkah

    Enzo you are shit. Lady Gaga may be influenced by Madonna but not a wannabe. I know you would like to have a sex change someday!!!

    Lady Gaga IS WAY MORE TALENTED, VOCALLY, MUSICALLY. Let us see if Madonna will sing jazz someday.

  2. Motherfucker Jones

    Madonna ALREADY sang jazz on her album I’m Breathless, you typically ill-informed little monstard. If Gaga is more talented musically, why is she flopping so hard only SIX years into her career? Madonna kept it up for 30+ and is still the top touring artist in the world. Suck it up, fucknugget.

  3. Tuyonkah

    Never heard of it and I am sure it is not even a true jazz!!! I am laughing. Lady Gaga will SURVIVE and SURPASS Madonna one day.

    Your name is bad and please go away and do not visit this site anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Go visit your fav artist site

  4. Gilbert-Ian Rueda

    Surpass Madonna? Haha. That’s a joke. She can’t even keep up in terms of where Madonna was at year 6 of her career. I can understand being Gaga’s fan but let’s please not be dillusional. The album sales and concert ticket sales don’t lie, honey b.

  5. Allen Saint James

    Why do all Lady Gaga or MADONNA discussions turn into B.tch fights? Both artist are credible and relevant in their own right and way. Perhaps both sides should invest a little more time and energy becoming informed about both artist if you are going to constantly fight.Theres only one Queen who has earned her place and to compare her to an artist who just really esestablishing herself is unfair. Fight the real Enemy

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