30 January 2013

ARTPOP may NOT arrive before September?

ARTPOP is much, much more than Gaga’s third album. It’s also a highly anticipated app with complimentary, interactive content and an accompanying documentary following the recording process helmed by frequent collaborator Terry Richardson.

Beyond that, not many details have been confirmed about the project. Though there have been plenty of rumors. The tracks believed to be on the set include a confirmed sequel to Beyoncé duet “Telephone,” possibly titled Ratchet (and possibly the first single for Beyoncé’s own upcoming album, tentatively due in April.)

A release date has also yet to be confirmed, but multiple sources have told Billboard that the set might not arrive until as late as September. We do know, however, that Gaga booked a lot of studio time with rising EDM artist Zedd, and has cut more than 50 tracks for the collection.