23 November 2012

35 fans break into Lady Gaga’s garage

Lady Gaga has revealed on Twitter that more than 30 fans broke into her garage a few hours ago in Lima, Peru. She was naked in the kitchen looking for leftovers from the Thanksgiving dinner when she saw them on the security camera.

Woke up for leftovers in the kitchen (naked) stumbled on security camera revealing 35 monsters in my garage #why #iloveu. Then found Nanny Poppins @emmaadaoui trapped in basement between the fans and food. i rescued her, she’s ok now. I should be mad I guess except I tried to figure out how to slide stuffing under the door, but there’s no cat-flap. To any little monsters trying to get in my house at the moment IF YOU SEE A LARGE ITALIAN MAN yelling about sleep IT IS NOT JOE GERMANOTTA.